Some scenes about learning process

  • I was terribly poor in math. I hated it and I gave it up. In my third year in my high school, I realized that I have to rise my score in math section in college admission exam. I was desperate. There was no way to improve the score by myself. There were few months to the exam date. I had tried to study but there is no clue. My last option was one on one tutoring service. I found a college student from good university. It was my first private tutoring learning. I expected he had a special skill to rise up my score. But my expectation was not right. With him, I started to study ‘an easiest math book’. After that, I studied ‘another similar math book’. After doing this three or four times, my score jumped up to twice from my original score.
  • In art session in my high school
  • From micro to macro, small to big, doing daily

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